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A very appropriately written blog that inspires you to not only understand the dynamics of intention and impact gap but also read between the lines to come up with the importance of listening and comprehending skills. These days, there stand a virtual wall in between a speaker and his listener. What comes out of the mouth of the speaker does not flow completely in the same format to the listener as it is supposed to be, which is the root cause of all the misunderstandings prevalent. I also am a firm believer of the fact that the way you articulate your words create a huge impact. The game of Chinese Whispers appears to me as a perfect example to describe this. I still remember the times when we used to play the game, how a simple message, after having been passed on consecutively through a number of mouths, at the end, came out to be a completely different phrase. The takeaway here is that simply listening without comprehending is as dangerous as not listening at all. Communicating is not like sailing on a quiet sea, guaranteed that if you keep steering straight, you will reach your destination. It is more like navigating your way through harsh and unfamiliar waters and on the way, achieving the impact that you intent your listener should receive. To deal with this, feedback can prove to be an effective tool. Inquiring about the intent of a speaker prevents the listener from thinking in the wrong direction based on faulty assumptions. This builds a level of trust and understanding between the giving entity and the receiving entity. When we communicate with others, ‘intent’ is what we think they will understand but what actually they receive is the ‘impact’. Bringing in ‘Mindfulness’ whether you are a listener or a speaker will surely go long way in bridging the intent – impact gap.

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