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Most of us understood communication as a mode of transferring information between two individuals by means of signs, symbols, behaviors or talking’s. The important thing about communication is that, it should be simple and easily understood by the concerned person. Sometimes it happens we communicate but only in talking manner. We should understand that there is a difference between what we talk and what we communicate. When we talk, it creates barriers that inhibit our ability to communicate effectively. These barriers results in keeping us from reaching out to our dear ones or colleagues. It’s not all about just to be heard or imposing our decisions on others, it’s also about to listen others or what they expect from us. Communication barriers can tarnish one’s image too. People generally doesn’t listen to others because they have made a poor image about that person. For some people, it took years to overcome poorly maintained image among persons even though they meant to care for others. They are unable to create authentic connections with the people whom they care for the reasons because people have made too many false perceptions blocking their way. To overcome these barriers whether it is within family or workplace one must understand that communication is not a one-way road. People always tries to put his opinions first before listening to others orientation about the topic under discussion. So, listening actively and attentively can improve interpersonal communication between the people. At workplace maintaining effective communication skills is of greater importance and value, as it results in desired effects or necessary required actions. Communication gaps at organization level may be due to various reasons such as fear among employees, specially communicating people communicating at higher levels, mistrust among employees or maintaining an attitude of feeling of disgust to fellow colleagues. Thus, identifying the communication gap that has emerged and taking necessary action to minimize will be of greater benefit for any organization. To have people open to you, firstly you must be open to them. Overcoming these barriers of communication, one can ensure that the statements you are making not only just been heard, but also understood, by the person whom you are addressing too.

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