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Communication drives our lives and for it to be effective is considered of prime importance. But what we tend to ignore trying to achieve the effectiveness is that the effect can be different from what we intended to make. This article puts forward a very simple explanation of how intentions are not always converted to the message perceived. It only strengthens my belief that while trying to make our communication more attractive, stickier, concise or effective, it is the most important to make it clear and deliver the meaning behind it. In our lives, personal or professional, we tend to assume that people who know us will understand what we’re trying to say and what we mean by it. But often, when our words don’t clearly explain our intentions, the deepest of relationships can be affected by this intention-impact gap. With tens of conversations going on at a single moment, we need to understand that we need to be very careful with what we want to say and what we actually say. This has become a bigger problem today since most of the conversations happen on text. It might be a WhatsApp sent to your parents, boyfriend or friends or a mail sent to your boss or colleagues. Texts cannot take with them the tone we would have had if we said it in person, the gesture or the body language that must have accompanied the words and that makes the conversation all the more vulnerable to misunderstandings. We try to shorten our conversations and make them concise which often are perceived as rude or inappropriate. We say things in a funny tone but the person at the other end gets offended. We only say what we think was necessary to be conveyed and generally omit why we said it. It leads to a wrong impact on the receiver due to lack of conveyance of intentions with it. With such problems taking over and affecting our relationships and lives on a daily basis, it is important to stop and think what is going wrong. It is important to pause for two seconds and think if what we’re going to say really sounds like what we’re am trying to convey. This pause solves a lot of problems. I have tried it. More often than not, if you say to yourself what you’re about to say to the other, you get an idea of how it would feel to listen to it. It can then be altered to communicate the message better. We have to train ourselves to convey the intention and not just the message. And when we start doing that, the conversations will be a little better and the days a little more peaceful.

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