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An impactful article, Ratika Ma'am. Thanks for sharing the wisdom with us. Imposing tough love on closed ones or best employees, can really back fire. I could relate to every bit of it. This is very common in day-to-day conversation at workplaces, schools, colleges etc. in India. We, Indians, have always been trying to impose tough love on someone whom we think is capable of achieving or doing something which we are not capable of. However, it is always important to direct our behavior in a positive way. A very common example of this can be seen in our Indian education system where children, generally scoring marks above average, are forced to take up streams which their parents or relatives might they are capable of whereas, the real scenario changes when the same student ends of failing in the first exam. Another example, I've personally seen managers trying to be rude just so that the employee doesn't commit the same mistake again. Which, to me, is completely absurd. If you really want to teach that person, there would and are multiple ways which can help both, the manager and the employee learn and grow together. I must say, people at the higher authority and power should think vicariously and focus on developing emotional intelligence quotient rather than just the IQ. Having said this, I strongly recommend people to read "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" by Travis Bradberry, where he explain how to recognize, develop and grow your Emotional Quotient to deal with day to day situations in ones life. Teaching and Managing stuff by imposing Tough love, really is a myth.

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