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This topic according to me has a lot of variables that need to be looked into while discussing. During your lecture conducted on campus, I had raised a question which was duly answered by you, but somehow still doesn’t quite put to rest my apprehensions while broaching this topic. For example, one’s intentions may usually be extremely noble but the person on the receiving end will most of the times misconstrue the feelings/emotions put across no matter how well the speaker words his/her statements. According to me, to explain this topic better, one needs to be well versed with the rules of gambling even though it is an extreme comparison but when put in perspective makes sense. You (speaker) roll your dice (intent) and cannot really judge the outcome (impact) at the end of a conversation. There are just too many factors that need to be kept in mind while addressing a topic such as the mood of the recipient, the human nature of the recipient etc. These factors, if you know the recipient well enough, can be taken into account and the ‘you can do better’ statement be drafted accordingly. However, in a real life corporate environment where people are not familiar with each other, it would become a rather uphill task for the speaker to practice diplomacy at the same time give the recipient a slap on his/her wrist to buck up. All in all, it is a wonderful topic to discuss on and has been thought off and put together rather beautifully.

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