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I joined a start-up in 2012 and while I was being interviewed by the founder and the investor to become a part of the team, he made me go through a long list of written exercises primarily about what I want from this venture, my techno-commercial understanding and my long-term objective. In fact before I actually contributed to the startup, it almost took 4 months for me to get these things right. Almost every week, I would get irritated by the feedback I received from Hemant. Many times I concluded that I am just wasting my time as I was just trying to break my head with a perfectionist and that it might never work in my favour. I put in many hours to prepare for the response and what I got in reward was a redo. It took me two years to realize where the understanding gap is and where the intention gap lies. During this process I had learned so many things that about latest technology, the cloud communications and the ability to articulate the difference in quality of software code. I would have never learned any of these had I not understood the intentions of Hemant. All these things contributed so much to my ability that, my statements were taken note of and I officially represented my company in various seminars and presentations and my statements were provided to media as well. In 2015, while I was the national sales head for the Org. I headed the entire direct sales team and I changed the way we communicated with the customers. I adopted a different approach of mixing the pre-sales and sales from a single sales person to a advanced level. My team initially thought that I was being harsh and that it will not work. However, I made them adopt this approach and with a bit of resistance we moved forward. It was only in year 2016 when our efforts started to yield that they realized that the process was paying and that I was just trying to bring the best from them.

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