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It is a very thoughtful point put forward by Ratika ma’am & I thank her for drawing our attention to it. The intention – Impact gap is one that is often neglected when we communicate. When we are interact the basic element or purpose of it is to convey what we actually want to say or to understand what the other person is trying to convey. Now the basic challenge here is articulating one’s thoughts in a way that the listener will comprehend exactly what the speaker is trying to convey. The intentions of the speaker can be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. Many of us have played this game wherein we describe the object to a person who is not able to see it & is supposed to draw based on our communication / intentions. We often observe a different picture drawn than what we thought we had communicated. Why does this happen? The simple reason is for this is the intention – impact gap. Communications can be complex. Bridging the intention-impact gap is of utmost importance for effective & fruitful communication. Asking for feedback & communicating the intentions are key to reducing the gap. However we can also focus our attention on the people we are addressing. Another way is to be mindful of what we are saying, comprehending it & paying attention to the emotions displayed by the listener. Seeking a feedback is very effective tool in nullifying the wrong interpretation. However it may not be always possible to ask for a feedback of everything that we communicate. In this scenario I feel that having a thorough understanding of what is being communicated will come to aid. If the speaker feels that some content of his speech can also be interpreted in a different way, he may rephrase it & again convey the message he was trying to make. Rephrasing & reemphasizing of one’s views & ideas will help in communication clarity. Intentions are of prime importance when we speak. So these intentions should be absorbed by the listener in the same wavelength. A good intention but a wrong phrasing of words can communicate harsh feelings wherein in contrast you wanted to be sympathetic or supportive. Seeking feedback, rephrasing the words to convey the right intent & repeating it will help in communicating clearly & correctly. Thus the gap between intention-impact can be minimized.

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