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Ratika ma’am introduces us to a very subtle nuance which is a critical factor for successful communication but is missed quite often. In quite a large number of organizational contexts and even in personal relationships we generally see two parties ending up in conflict, just because they are immune to the Intention-Impact gap. It is very important that we as management graduates understand the criticality of this important concept. This is one concept, if practiced and mastered, can help us at succeeding and being highly effective in most of our future communications at organizations or outside. In order to bring it to practice in our organizational context, it is imperative that we imbibe this mantra in our day-to-day communications with people and friends around. Consciously practicing this principle in our daily lives, will make it deep-rooted in our sub-conscious mind and only then we can extract the magical results out of it during our organizational communications. My younger brother always looks at me as a source of inspiration and career advice. I am from an engineering background and he is an economics student, so basically we are poles apart. I generally overlooked his queries and would give him very generic responses, based on my background, which hardly made any sense to him. Often he would come out with follow-up queries and I would end up giving him some random “gyan” which even confused him further. Some day he confronted me and made me realize, that my inputs don't work for his sphere. He could not apply the same principles to his career and also that his needs are different than mine. I was quite taken aback at this confrontation, but I gave him a patient ear. Finally, drawing insights over all his points, I came to realize the power of this “Intent-Impact” gap. If only I could have fine-tuned my experiences to align to his needs, perhaps he could have got better results using my advice. Now having learned the hard way, the principle sticks with me!!

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