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Great Share Ma’am!! After reading your post, I felt that how poor communicator I am in my day to day life. I am not ashamed to accept this fact. Rather, after going through your article I eventually started thinking of incidences when I tried to communicate something to someone but ended with almost no intended result. I believe that things can go worse when intensions are not properly communicated to the person with whom I am communicating and want to have an impact on him / her. I am moved with the incidence which you had with your niece. I truly understand how far can that impact affect the child. I am of the strong opinion that a single statement can be interpreted in different ways and can have different impact depending on person and situations. The Intention – Impact gap is very important and should be taken care of in the foremost place. The suggestions proposed by you for diminishing the Intention – Impact gap; (a) by communicating one’s intention clearly without any ambiguity or (b) by asking feedback to understand the impact on the person; are very good. By asking feedback, we actually draw the attention of the listener and make them more concentrated towards our intentions. This will not only help to create a better image but also create a trust. Apart from this, the article had a great impact on me. I am a mother of one-and-a-half-year-old daughter and always imagine and make master game plans for nurturing her. But I also believe that these master plans will all go in vain in practical situations if I do not communicate my ideas to hear effectively. I am thankful to you for your small and insightful article which has impacted me positively and would help me to become a better communicator and a mother. THANK YOU!!!

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