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Having worked in multinational organizations for the last 6 years has given me the opportunity to communicate with multi-various stakeholders. And due to the many instances of miscommunication and misunderstandings that I've observed and faced at work, I connect with the principle at the heart of this article at a very intrinsic level. I can vouch for the fact that just having the best intentions at heart is definitely not enough. In fact, the gap between intention and impact is sometimes so wide that it manages to create irrevocable rifts in business relations. I remember an instances where after a two hour long video conference with our Product Manager, my team came out feeling disgruntled and under recognized when in fact the same Manager had nominated us for "top achievers of the quarter" awards, all because of his cut and dry approach to communication. For most of us management graduates transitioning from deep seated engineering roles to those of people and team managers, the chasm between being "bullet-point" conversationalists to that of effective communicators is in fact quite wide. However, as quite aptly advised in this blog, the initial and maybe the most effective ways to address this is by actively seeking feedback and communicating intentions plainly. In interacting with fellow students across the batch and in my personal life, I have in many ways realised the same and see positive outcomes to my interpersonal relationships as a whole. With the corporate world becoming increasingly "flat" due to globalisation and with the international nature of our job responsibilities it is all the more important that we pay active and necessary interest in the way we go about communicating our strategies and ideas to cross-cultural teams and individuals. Implementing such suggestions as in this blog and constantly introspecting on one's shortcomings is definitely the need of the hour for us future managers. Thank you for your advice on this front.

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