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Dear Ma’am, thank you for this insightful and thought provoking article. It instantly took me back to the time I joined a new company as a team leader. Never having handled a team before, I was thrilled by the idea and was eager to make a great impression. “That is no way of talking to the client!” Is what I said to my reportee after my first client meeting with the team. I thought I was trying to explain to her the importance of proper communication, without realising the "Intention Impact Gap", it created. My Intention was that “We have to be careful while talking to our clients, any casualness can have a negative impact”. She would judge the communication on the impact it made on her “who is he?” “what does he know?” The impact was counterproductive to the extent that she stopped participating in the subsequent meetings, even the client wrote to me asking if she was okay. I later learnt and realised that the team had built a rapport with the client. I felt like a fool. Only if I had said something different, like “I am a little concerned about that the teams’ casual nature, it could set a negative image in front of the client. Don’t you agree?”, she might have have been more receptive and told me about their amity with the client. It is very important to understand the intention impact gap in today’s work culture, what we say and how we say it can help achieve desired results. A manager/leader who understands the concept and applies it to his/ her communication is perceived as more approachable, especially when the time to put forth an idea is limited. This concept should be ingrained in each one of us by constantly and consciously imbibing it over the years as it is not only vital in our professional lives but also makes us more adept at dealing with people at the personal front.

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