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Ratika Ma’am has made a very valid point and I completely agree with it. It is important that we identify communication gaps and are empathetic to the feelings of people around us. However, in this fast-paced lifestyle that we are leading, is it possible for us to be so empathetic practically to everyone around us? Sure, one can take special efforts to be nice to their children or their spouses or their in-laws to ensure that their personal relationships are healthy but what about people who we deal with on a daily basis and do not pay much attention to? What about the behaviour we show to that cafeteria guy who fails to put the right amount of sugar in our coffee? How fair are we when we yell and abuse at the driver in the next lane because “we think” he is not driving appropriately? These are the times when we are total failures in applying the impact-intention communication gap as we do not even try to understand the impact of our behaviour on the other person. Did we stop to think here that may be the cafeteria guy got pulled in for some other work at the last minute and has many other chores lined up for the day and hence has forgotten to put the right amount of sugar in our coffee or do we stop to think on the driver’s part that maybe he has had a really bad day at work today and is not in his best driving element? I really doubt. Addressing communication gaps should definitely start from our homes but should not be confined to the boundaries of our comfort zones such as home, office, society, etc. It should be applied to anyone and everyone that we meet because we can never understand the negative impact of our words on others but we can surely try to minimize the harm caused.

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