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The intention-impact gap invariably exists through a multitude of contexts and yet it's rarely spotted. An unidentified gap drives the perceptions in different directions, breaks the conversation and consequently, defeats the purpose of communication. The primitive agenda of communication is to share knowledge and information specific to a particular context that enhances understanding paramount to that context. However, the existence of the intention-impact gap is deterrent to the understanding, which doesn’t bode well for communication. The power of speech, which sets human beings apart, is supposed to help reduce ambiguity and misunderstandings in communication. The basic rule of effective communication says that the listener should be able to comprehend your words in a manner most relevant to your intentions. Yet, while we often think that we've done enough to make ourselves clear, the outcomes say otherwise. To this end, Prof. Ratika has presented a very simple example which shows that a small gap in an apparent harmless conversation can have a lasting impact. And if there is a gap between the intention and impact in the foundation of the communication, building on it would only magnify the distance. She has very neatly encapsulated the most critical aspect of communication, and shown that it’s no rocket science to identify and eliminate this gap, and make every conversation more comprehensive and fruitful.

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