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The intention-impact gap, is something which mars the maximum communications. It is such a delicate gap, that if you miss a bit the whole communication goes haywire. A small gap and the communication becomes vulnerable to all sorts of misinterpretations, misunderstandings and at times even the whole of the communication is missed out. The art of making a communication free from ambiguous interpretations and attenuations is something which is very tough to understand and equally tough to practice. The major issue lies in the fact that this concept is hidden from a large mass. People actually strive hard to understand the reasons why the intention is not communicated the way it should be. This blog presents the whole concept and the issue behind this in such a simple manner. The example helps to relive moments where we can easily connect to the incident, Oh.! This could have been one of the reasons why the dialogue went wrong the other day. I personally hold an opinion that the emotions and facial expressions help a lot in bridging this gap and above all it’s the right placement of the words which brings forth the magic of communication. This is something which actually differentiates the normal speaker from an influential speaker.

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