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Like the proverbial slip between the cup and the lips, the gap between the intended communication and the impact of the same can have an undesired effect-sometimes counter-productive to the intent. Communication is a two-way process. While the sender has to ensure that the intention for the communication is clear, it is for the recipient to give a proper feedback as to our understanding of the communication. The sender has the responsibility to ensure that she obtains the feedback from the recipient. True. Communication is vital as it defines us. Most important is the correct way of communication as it decides whether the person buys your points or not. Besides packaging and gift wrapping our feedbacks it is very important to work on our tone and body language too this is basically part of non-verbal communication. To appreciate the importance of non verbal communication, we can emphasis on just a simple bright smile when we say congratulations as this reinforces the sincerity of our words. Further, I would like to bring few points here in this forum from our classroom discussions. Verbal communication can be enhanced when a person employs himself in effective listening. Listening doesn’t simply mean hearing. It necessitates you to understand another person’s viewpoint. One must take her time to think before she speaks to ensure that they clearly articulate themselves. I appreciate the example cited here; it reminds of many such similar scenarios in my life. There are many takeaways form this article. For me, I would like to focus on the awareness of what we say and how we say as it acts as the first step to successful communication.

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