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Dear Ma’am, Reading your blog ‘I Want to Help, Does This Help?’ was an eye opener on some of the dynamics involved in communication between people. It clearly outlined the importance of transmitting one’s thoughts to the receiver in a manner which is not only easy to understand but also free from ambiguous interpretations. The simple example of the dialogue between your niece and yourself outlines the results of erroneous communication. Though very basic, the gap between impact and intentions would lead to unintended repercussions, many of which may be of the irreversible kind. As a person who aspires to be in positions of responsibility and leading teams, I understand that this aspect of communication is vital for me. The possible solution or remedy suggested by you was helpful and I would definitely try to apply it in real world scenarios. In my past work experience, I do recollect using the methods of communicating my intention and asking for feedback. Yet, I realize now that it was purely instinctive and was inconsistent from situation to situation. I would also like to add from my experiences that understanding the psyche of the receiver would go a long way in determining the method of giving feedback and whether it would actually help them. With the insights provided by you, I find it prudent to cultivate this subconscious behavior into a more professional and structured strategy while providing feedback in my work environment. Thank you

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