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Dear mam, Thank you for sharing a crucial insight about effective communication. As I was reading through the lines I could recollect a similar situation from childhood where I was on the receiving end my uncle on the other. I was in the seventh grade my Uncle, who is serving in the Indian navy had come to visit us. One fine morning, he tells me “Lad I am going to teach you to drive a car”. I jumped from by bed exuberant about the fact that finally I will be behind the wheels and know how the complex vehicle works. He started out with the initial instructions of “Turn the ignition, press the clutch, and change the gear from neutral to 1st, leave the clutch and press the accelerator”. I thought this is it. This is how one drives and all the while I awe of people who knew driving. Obliging his orders I just did as instructed but to my dismay the car jerked and stopped. I tried all my wits but that beast would hardly move a bit. He got agitated and shouted and I feared to me death. It was a slap to my self-esteem I was not able to operate a simple vehicle. I slogged through the day but I had no clue why wasn’t it moving. His constant lambastes and ridicule was getting on my nerves and eventually I started crying and told him I don’t understand your language and I don’t understand why you want me to learn. I will never drive. I think he could subtly get the fact that even though his instructions were clear they were not making any sense to me as I did not understand the mechanism behind. Immediately, he took me home. Brought out a pen and paper and drew the whole mechanism of clutch and gear and explained. He also emphasized on the importance to learn to drive as it will come handy. That was the moment we bridged the gap between intention and impact and the rest is history. Today as I drive, I often feel nostalgic about the fact how I begun.

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