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Good read!! I found the information presented in this article very educative and insightful. The writer has used a very catch phrase "Impact-intention gap" which helps to implant well the writer's message in the conscious mind of the reader. For an effective communication, be it peer to peer or subordinate-superior or vise-versa, it is very important to do an impact-intention analysis to ensure your thoughts are vocalized correctly to yield the desired effect. The use of phrase 'intention-impact' is very catchy. Communication can become mis-interpreted, misunderstood or even missed out if there is a large gap between the intent-impact of the speaker. It is very important to be aware of how our message is actually perceived by the other party. For winning any relationships be it personal or business, mastering of intent-impact analysis is a must. Intent-impact gap is something I feel every individual must have experienced in his life. I feel following things can help to bridge the gap. Before sending message accross one should recollect his thoughts and choose the words wisely. Other way could be by seeking feedback from the recepient.

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