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Manas Kanti Kar/PGEMP67/A/22/ Terrorism in the Modern World Author: R Jayaraman Thank you Sir for posting a wonderful blog on terrorism. I want to present a different perspective of terrorism what I feel is very pertinent in today’s India. The word terrorism first appeared in 1975 during the French Revolution. The Oxford dictionary explains the word Terrorism as “The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aim”. Now the definition got broadens it includes society and religion also. In popular culture we often use the term “Jihad “also along with Terrorism. The word Jihad means “A struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam”. We know AL Qaeda, JEM, Boko Haram, Islamic States etc. are amongst the most popularly known organization in the world. India is one of the country which is adversely effected due to terrorism. Are these the only ones on which we must show our concern? Who are the terrorist? Are they belong to some other planets? No, they are human beings like us. Terrorist are those who belongs to the self-actualization of Maslow Hierarchy of needs. Yes it’s a fact that human being use terrorism as a means of self-actualization. I think terrorism is a product of poverty and deprivement of education. A 2018 report from international nonprofit Oxfam assessed and concluded that India is now among the countries with highest level of inequality. 1 in 5 Indians is poor, reveals World Bank Data. Economic growth, employment and development are one of the major challenges which India is facing. Poverty, lack of education and economic inequality are one of the main reason why we have so called radical groups in India. India is facing terrorism from external and internal forces. Infiltration from Pakistan as well as so called “Political Mafias or Gundas” within India are the major concerns in terrorism. Political parties are generally considered to play an important role in stimulating and supporting terrorism. History of political violence in India is not new, we found the evidence from India Independence itself. One state which I want to mention is West Bengal, which witnessed organized political killings of newly emerged Naxalites and political opponents particularly by Youth Congress and Chatra Parishad during 1971-1977. And recent Panchayat 2018 Elections in West Bengal experienced the most brutal murders which perpetuate the legacy of shameful malfunction state machinery and assassination of democracy. In the year 2016, West Bengal records the highest number of Naxalism related deaths of almost 80 which is higher than Chhattisgarh. My question is does India have a larger threat from external terrorism or internal terrorism? I think it’s internal. The political parties utilizes and exploits the poor Indians for their gain. The insurgence of Naxalism is not to be seen as a separate incident. The unemployment, poverty and an untold number of socio-economic inequalities are the root cause of these. And moreover these political mafias are recognizable and they are a part of the mainstream, still our administration and law are unable to curb this problem. So in my view India is fighting with external and internal terrorism, among which the internal ones are mainly state sponsored and they are still alive vibrantly because we want them to be alive. I feel that every Indians need to be more sensible and work towards to make a more developed nation so that we can bring socio-economic equality and accentuate more on the basic education for all.

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