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Prof. Jayaraman aptly states that the scourge of Terrorism has spread its tentacles to zones outside its traditional lands, where it was thought to reside. And, he argues for a negotiation based approach, to deal with this issue i.e. to prefer ‘words’ to ‘war’ and also by forming peace coalitions. These are solutions definitely worth considering but should also be supported by activities that deal with the prevention of the root causes of this cancer called ‘Terrorism’ i.e. the excessive Human Desire, Hate & Hunger. If we go back by four decades, it’s 1979 and Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union. Those were the days of cold war between the US and the USSR. The USSR had the desire to increase Communist foothold in Afghanistan and the US was vehement about stopping the Russian Influence in Afghanistan. This jostling for influence has resulted in the creation of a new terror force called ‘Mujahideen’ in South Asia. The Men who fought in this war were Hungry people with no jobs and who were fed with a hate narrative. And, a country to the North West of India aided this war providing men & material, in return for US dollars and Friendship. These men fought hard, the US was successful in driving out the Russians & Afghan war ended! The men were unemployed again. But, Alas! They had an offer from an enemy state, to bleed India by a thousand cuts! Elsewhere in the hinterlands of India, a breed called ‘Naxalites’ came into existence; fighting against the purported injustices done to them by the big, by recruiting people untouched by the state - it’s modernity, economic prosperity and welfare. And, in the early 2000s, in the Middle East, a purported oil dependent superpower country, attacked Iraq on the premises of removing a dictator and establishing a democracy. The country was ravaged to rubble. An entire generation which went through the travails of this invasion grew up to become the dreaded ISIS. Such examples galore, a common thread arrives across instances, which boils down to a common story. A ‘Desire’ to achieve something, using the ‘Hungry’, to spread ‘Hatred’. Now, ISIS – a new generation Terrorist organization, has adopted HR Practises JUST like a new generation corporation; using technology to pick people from across the world, to work out of office(traditional base), to achieve their objectives elsewhere. They have developed selling points for different sets of hires say: an opportunity to create a so-called Islamic world with medieval ideas, an exciting job full of thrills (for the depressed folk) and such. No wonder, these ideas have worked, with folks even from the developed world, joining the ranks. Thus the solutions to address the issue of terrorism are much more deep-rooted, to be able to do away with any cosmetic changes (like drone strikes). The solutions must be centred on permanent cure and prevention! For Example, Cancer can be treated by ‘Chemotherapy’ and ‘Anti-Cancer Drugs’, but by the end of the therapy enough healthy cells would have been wiped out, alongside the cancer cells i.e. Unintended Damage & with a chance of re-occurrence lingering. Thus our focus should be on finding out that ‘Turmeric (Solution)’ which can be injected in regular doses, to prevent the formation of any cancer cells, by destroying the root causes (i.e. Desire, Hate and Hunger). Thus the solution for eradicating terrorism should be focussed on the theme of building an inclusive economic model where prosperity is shared across the strata. Continuous focus on building Trade relations and free movement of people across countries should be encouraged, to bring people together, share prosperity & reduce hatred. Specific schemes to bring the marginalized classes into the mainstream economic development should be introduced. And, Religious freedoms should be upheld to maintain social harmony and a more decentralized decision-making structure should be adopted.

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