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Terrorism in itself is a very sensitive topic and it is not easy to come to terms while explaining the cause behind the spread of terrorism, but the intricacies were very well explained and established in this blog by the professor. As terrorism has been classified into different categories such as good terrorism and bad terrorism as per the conveniences of the accused and the victims, so are its varied definitions. Some say it is the fight for getting what they deserve while others say it is to dictate the supremacy in the land of lord. Some may call it destruction in the name of religion, race or color while others may regard it as the use of violence for political gains or personal agenda. But, ‘How does terrorism spread’? Who are the powers that spread terror and intimidate civilians? Terrorist acts frequently have a political purpose. For example, carrying out a strategic bombing on an enemy city, which is designed to affect civilian support for a cause, would not be considered terrorism if it were authorized by a government. This criterion is inherently problematic as it classifies terrorism into the good and the bad. Let me take another example of what happened in Iraq, where the US forces attacked Saddam Hussein forces to free the civilians from the shackles of atrocities of Hussein’s regime. Why would US do that? It was a strategically planned political move just to acquire oil wells in Iraq and be the messiah in the eyes of the people of Iraq. Terrorism acts are mostly backed by powerful economic and political forces who want to spread unrest in the enemy countries in order to fulfill their motives and greed. In today’s world, it is very easy to radicalize the youth in different countries through the use of social media. Anti-social elements tend to radicalize youth by spreading hatred on the basis of religion, caste, color etc. thereby paralyzing the ecosystem in a country. Conclusively, terrorism is the man-made menace created to feed the demon of greed, hatred, supremacy that is lying within our minds.

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