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The blog rightly captures the new face terrorism has acquired in the modern day world. As mentioned by you sir, there was a time when terrorism was limited to only certain parts of the world. India’s frequent protest in the international arena about terrorism emanating from our northern neighbour was never taken seriously. The western world and the media dismissed it as a law and order problem. The world woke up to the reality only after the 9/11 attacks in the United States and started taking India’s concern seriously. You rightly mention about how European nations, once alien to such attacks have recently seen a spurt with frequent attacks being carried out in France, Belgium, etc. India given its experience is in a unique position to help these countries in counter terrorism activities. Already, India trains a lot of western defence personals in its Army Jungle Warfare School and Mountain Warfare School. As mentioned by you, the new terrorist organisations like ISIS, Boko Haram, etc in the 21st century are a threat to humanity. I feel all these new terrorist organisations are a new face of the same old problem and are no different from old terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda, TTP, etc. I agree with your view that the modern day military and police are well equipped to deal with the terrorists. But I think, violence in return of violence and targeted elimination of terrorists is the not the solution. History has shown that greatest super powers of the world have failed to eliminate targeted terrorist organisation by force. USA has lost thousands of its personals and billions of dollars in its war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Middle East and yet filed. It faces an embarrassed failed withdrawal much like it did from Vietnam. You correctly point out that no effort is being made to engage with terrorist and bring them to the negotiating table. Your example about Sri Sri’s attempt to open a channel with these terrorist organisations and its hasty withdrawal because of the severe backlash he faced is the sad reality in today’s time. To quote from above “All terrorists, in the long run, are amenable to reason and logic”. The need of the hour is to open communication channels with the terrorist organisations and make them give arms by choice and not by force. India’s limited success against Naxals occurred because of considerate and humane surrender schemes and not brutal force.This is needed because more often than not the actual sufferers between the state and the terrorist organisation is the common civilian. Fair meditators can be chosen who can go about with their job with complete impartiality and fairness. You have correctly pointed out about using the good offices of countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc. for the same. Lastly, it talks about India’s response to the recent spurt in terrorist activities and appreciates the effort put by our security forces to contain the same. It mentions that 709 casualties have occurred in India because of terrorist activities in 2017. Although this number is historically low, every life is important and therefore India needs to step up its preparedness even more. This can be achieved by talks and not by force. Just like the government has managed to bring Naxals and militants in North East to negotiating table, it should try to do the same with other terrorist bodies.

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