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The blog summaries the whole picture very well. Face of terrorism is everchanging. Technology has transformed modern society. It has made our life easy for us as well as terrorists. Modern Terrorism is very different from the past, it is not restricted within borders. Almost all of us have at least once seen propaganda video or image of ISIS beheading a journalist. It has created threat for society on global scale. It has become unpredictable. It is used to hit a target but at the same time, it affects wide audience. Internet is an environment which has no physical boundaries. It doesn’t ask for your physical presence to influence anyone. If you have just a smart phone you can launch an attack on anyone anywhere on the globe. Terrorists plan these attacks carefully to grab maximum media attention. Internet is widely available, easy to use, unrestricted and anonymous, this makes it a privileged place. According to Ministry of Home affairs, India there are more than 40 active terrorist organisations. Almost all of these maintain a website, many of them have multiple websites in more than 1 language. According to a report of CQPress, there are more than 7000 websites under the control of terror groups. With an increase in anti-terrorist operations, terrorist organisations may be losing ground, but they have one effective weapon: Social media. Social media is a very powerful platform. According to, 2.46 billion users use social media. Terrorists are using this platform to communicate propaganda and to raise funds. In 1997, LTTE stole email Id and password of faculties from Britain's Sheffield University and used it to send out mails asking for donations. Internet is allowing terrorists to interact with targets made it easy for them to recruit new sympathizers. More than 30000 foreigners have gone to join Islamic State, this is the evidence of its success. ISIS has also mastered the art of creating lone wolfs. They are using social media to remotely radicalize youth to create lone wolves. These lone wolves don’t need to ever meet a ISIS extremist or understand the real motive behind the attacks. Internet has huge piles of information and technology in freely accessible mode. This is making the terrorist more modern. If we think that sophisticated nuclear weapons are with only the developed nations, then we are fooling ourselves. Uranium is freely available on darkweb, one just has to pay the right price. Internet is also being used for training of new recruits. In 2003, al Qaeda released a series of 19 video training lessons, covering topics like physical training, bomb making, explosives handling. Vast nature of internet makes it very tough to keep track on terrorist activities. Data encryption business is booming and it has made internet activities very hard to track. Terrorists are using encoded images and crypted text to coordinate attacks. Internet was supposed to be the biggest boon to the millennials and taking an optimistic view, it still is. Good triumphs over evil is an age-old adage and it still stands for a reason. It is heartening to see that the world still sees the internet as a positive means of connecting people worldwide despite cold hearted attacks being executed through the internet.

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