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I am pleased to have come across this blog which touches upon a very important issue in today’s world. The author talks about growth of terrorism and the challenges that come along with it. He also, at the same time, has a very positive outlook towards the whole issue. While I agree with sir in parts, there are quite a few thoughts or ideas that I do not quite agree on. The article talks about how terrorism hasn’t grown too big yet and can still be kept in check by the police or military. I believe, the matter of fact is that this menace has been allowed to grow a lot more than it ideally should have. Today, countries in all parts of the world are facing the brunt of terrorism. Day after day we’re losing so many lives – both military and civilian – to terrorism. Can the countries afford such casualties? Can the world afford to take on the burden of terrorism? Repercussions of this menace come not only in the form of violence, but also as economic volatility and instability. Terrorism has crippled nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan to a huge extent. I know these claims can be argued against, but we must look at the bigger picture and acknowledge the fact that it’s a bigger deal than we’re making it to be. India has itself been a major victim of some dastardly acts of terrorism. Incidents like 26/11 in Mumbai are the ones that get highlighted due to a large number of civilian casualties. However, what we don’t seem to realise is the number of lives we’re losing at the border everyday due to terrorist infiltration. I don’t think the country can afford another Uri or Pathankot. The military has had its fair share of casualties and cannot afford to lose more and more men to anti-terrorist activities. Looking at terrorism from a business perspective, we must also acknowledge the fact that it has some major repercussions on the economy of a country. The stock market responds to every ceasefire violation, every infiltration attempt and the smallest of activities that take place on the line of control. Looking at it from a global perspective, we have more and more countries suffering in business on account of terrorism. While dealing with terrorism to protect its people may be a country’s primary objective, it must also do this to protect its economy. Thus, I believe that the sooner we begin to acknowledge the magnanimity of this global phenomenon and act on it, the better it would be for the world. The only way forward is to unite against this menace and fight with unity. For that we need to first acknowledge the fact that terrorism is growing, spreading and changing the dynamics of this world. If the countries of the world come together, with the noble intention of erasing terrorism from the face of this planet, then no organisation, no matter how big or influential it may be, would be able to stop us.

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