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Sir, I read all of your blog posts on this website. All of them are thought provoking and some have changed my dimensions of thinking. I am intrigued by this blog post on terrorism in the modern times. I feel it is important to understand why people resort to terrorism in this modern world. By history and statistics, we live in the most peaceful era. The number of wars have been reduced globally. In the past, groups of people have fought war for resources and wellbeing of their own groups. After two world wars and advent of globalization, people have realized that it is more beneficial to keep people alive than to kill them. More the people bigger the market. Also towards the end of 20th century, a number of countries were formed with some on geopolitical basis like Sri Lanka, some on religion basis like Pakistan, some on political ideological basis like North and South Korea. In the 20th century, it became norm that national governments all over the world have moral authority over the people. In some of the nations, due to various reasons, minority groups with different ethos, pathos and logos are left in conflict with the majority ruled nation. If there are good democratic or other political systems that addresses the need of such minority groups, such groups would be satisfied of the system and take part in the national building process. If they do not see any prospects in the integration and pushed to desperation, fringe elements within these groups might indulge in violence aggravating the conflict. I agree that terrorism activity is reduced in recent years even though the newspaper reports may seem otherwise. It can be attributed to the learnings from previous terrorism incidents. National government especially the developed nations have invested heavily in surveillance and intelligence programs that enabled to effectively to thwart any potential terrorist incidents. In this context, I like to share an interesting debate going in the US – gun laws. US faces incidents of mass shooting due to liberal gun laws that allows relatively easy private ownership of guns. US in the recent years has witnessed more deaths due to mass shootings then the terrorist activity. Why does the US doesn’t term the mass shootings as terrorism? It is because the intent in the later is against the government. In most part of the world violence caused to affect the policy of the government is considered as terrorism. So a person killing a hundreds of people without mentioning a intent can get way not being termed as terrorist. I feel it is important to address the root cause of the social and geopolitical issues when dealing with terrorism. I happy that you shared thought on this topic. Thank you for one more thought provoking post.

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