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A solution is only viable if the problem has been understood in the right manner. Terrorism is the problem and the world leaders seem to pose all possible solutions but lack the understanding of the problem. Barack Obama, the leader of the free world till January 2016, had a fair bit of understanding about terrorism. The new leader of the free world, blames it on a single religion. Modern day terrorism is a result of mismanagement of the world. Its birth is out of the man-made inequalities, discrimination and all sorts of problems that are only addressed on paper and not in the real world. I would disagree with the author saying “One should accept some casualties as the price to be paid in the short term”. To me we have no cost to pay for these heinous crimes, not even in the short run. The misinterpretation of ‘Jihad’ is one of the core problems. The other is illiteracy and poverty. Take the example of Ajmal Kasab who was the center of the 26/11 massacre. The ‘Daesh’ or the infamous ISIS is nothing but a creation of problem from an existing problem. Our solutions are not creating peace but are backfiring big time. It is not about a single country protecting itself from the map of terrorism. It is a need for collective effort. A series of events greater than the Berlin Wall collapse, an event bringing the world together is the need of the hour. The stabilization in the Middle East is not the job of a single western country. Terrorism has become a systematic weapon that knows no borders or seldom has a face. It is responsibility of the whole nations. To avoid the Apocalypse from the hands of insane killers, the countries need to keep aside their prejudices. Russia cannot afford to back Bashar al-Assad just to gain oil and oppose USA. It is time for a gigantic effort from the United Nations to ensure the problem of terrorism is addressed with an effective effort. Someone needs to take the onus of explaining the true meaning of the misinterpreted texts and the others need to curb the inequalities of this society. The million dollar question is, is this the solution to erase terrorism? I would say no, it is not the Elixir. But it is something that would enable a peaceful environment. How well we sustain this environment of peace is up to the country men and cannot be anticipated. Probably the resolution comes out before the people in the most terrorized nations, like Syria and Iraq, start to conform to associations like Daesh. The technology can both aid and harm in this battle. It is at the discretion of the problem solver how well it is utilized. Accepting those affected the most, refugees from Syria and Iraq, is a step towards developing the force of peace. I would like to leave you with the thought that every person is human at heart. Religion is only a matter of faith!

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