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At the outset, let me thank Professor R Jayaraman for sharing with us his perspective regarding the modern day terrorism and the way it can be dealt with through this article. Terrorism has evolved over the years and it is a bigger threat more than ever. Developing countries have been the victim of terrorism for long. However, events in the recent past shows that even the first world is no longer immune to terrorism. Cities such as Paris and London which were expected to be one of the safest cities in the world too have suffered in the hands of terrorism. No wonder, most of the countries spend substantially on homeland defense and security. Sir has mentioned that all terrorists, in the long run, are amenable to reason and logic. I do agree with Sir. Terrorists thrive best when there is chaos and instability. The use of Drones by US had become the best tool for the extremists for recruiting. Accordingly, use of such drones and military strikes should be avoided to make way for peaceful talks to take place. There is a greater need to integrate certain communities who are often neglected. I believe every problem can be solved through dialogues. We are required to understand their point of view with an open mind and should look forward to address the problems which required them to choose violence over peaceful dialogue in the first place. Providing basic facilities such as proper food, shelter and education to them would certainly help to deter people to join such groups. Also, as Sir has mentioned, there have been examples in the past where we were able to contain terrorism mainly due to the determined participation and effort on the part of the country or the region through which such groups were operating. India have been able to do that and it is required for other countries to contain terrorism. If not, rest of the world should come together and should pressurize such countries, through diplomatic or other means, to eradicate and have zero tolerance towards terrorism. Since UN have been a toothless tiger all along, a new organization can be formed to address this global issue. However, not all terrorists group look forward for peaceful reconciliation. Apparently, Sri Sri tried to initiate peace talks with ISIS but in return they sent him a photograph of a beheaded body of a person. In such conditions peace talks wouldn’t really work but stringent military action is required, at least in the very short run.

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