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The justification offered to validate terrorism as a means by which the weak but resolute can overcome the tyranny of a much stronger opponent is the stem of this malignant problem affecting contemporary civilization. Terror groups justify their gruesome acts by alluding to the perceived social, economic and political oppression their community faces, this coupled with their mutilated religious or political rhetoric lures hundreds into their fold every day. This is what forms the premise to any radical outfit be it IS or the Maoists. The current perception of the society to terrorist is one of a hateful and disillusioned lunatic. Terror attacks are seen as blips in law enforcement, terrorists running about planting bombs and the law enforcement trying to foil their attempts: a cat and mouse game that was meant to be. The right wing media puts no light on the kind of oppression and disenfranchisement which breeds a horde of people who could be incentivised into committing such heinous acts and destroying the lives and livelihoods of everyone they’re associated with. Its about time we realize that every time someone forays into radical ideology, it is our loss as a society, for we could not show him the right path. As the war on terror rages across through the world, governments should try and figure out the causes which lead to this vicious cycle of disenchantment and disillusionment. Steps should then be implemented to empower the vulnerable and integrate them into the mainstream. We know that its easier said than done but pacification has to be a part of the broader long term solution in this never ending conflict.

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