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Sir your thoughts on the aforesaid topic clearly elucidates the depth of your understanding of such an intricate problem. I understand that you are vouching for a more pragmatic approach to deal with a violent force. I want to add to what has already been described. The issue of terrorism is multi-layered and can’t be seen from the prism of just one country. Most people in developed countries see the problem as black and white. I must emphasize here that it is not so. One’s terrorist may be someone else’s hero. While I’m not trying to justify this in anyway, it is important to point out that it is a grim reality. I’m not trying to take sides here but I just want to draw your attention to the fact that things have gone beyond reason and logic. The first step to finding the solution is to first find and understand our own fault lines. The big sources of news which include likes of CNN and BBC have many a times tried to show just one side of the picture. There is another side which either we have missed to see or chose to ignore out of ignorance. What can we tell to people of Palestine who have been struggling with life and death since the inception of Israel. No doubt, there have been terrorist activities from Palestinians. But what is being overlooked here is the suffering of people of Palestine at the hands of foreign occupiers. The USA had no evidence of WMDs in Iraq and yet Iraq was attacked and brought down to ashes. The media did everything it could to garner support for the war. But whose war was being fought. Definitely the people of Iraq didn’t want hell to be brought on them. Was Syria ever a battle ground for terrorism? Isn’t it too easy for champions of democracy to attack a place at their own whims and fancies and yet be labelled as saviour of mankind?

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