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To further add to the point, religion, which plausibly evolved as a psychological adaptation, became a powerful mechanism driven by spirituality, beliefs, rituals, symbolism and many other dimensions. As religious diversity increased, it created a vacuum, which was later occupied by manipulative censorship. The prophetic teachings, which were cast in stone, were decrypted with a variety of perceptions; some of them becoming extremely powerful, and at times even septic. A few influential minds became the carriers to these toxicities, and the aftereffect of the exposure was nothing but fatal. Keeping in view the trend and tenacity of the terror attacks in the last two decades, urgency has been observed to uncover the root cause of discomposure. The executors of the outbreaks in Mumbai, London, Glasgow, New York, Bali and several other nations have all asserted motivation from their religion. Quran was Osama bin Laden’s defense weapon in a responsive justification to the 9/11 attacks. The late twentieth century has been a witness to religiously motivated suicide bombings and politically planned attacks. The twenty first century has been embedded with Al Qaeda’s international (or global) Jihadism to facilitate multiple attacks in Europe & U.S. Islamism, with its accentuated extremism and political drive, has forced violent terrorist groups to take center stage. Although representing the views of an extremist religious minority, Islamic terrorism (accredited to rise from Islamism) poses a real threat to the rest of the world. These groups have painted their international canvas with several masterpieces; red hues of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in 2001, textured shackles of the Mumbai attacks in 2008 and a showdown in Syria. These artists are orchestrated to succumb to their religious vows and surrender to an apparent theological calling. This painful conflict, which started out as an organized chaos, partially inflicted by religion and maneuvered by largest nations’ foreign policy, has proven to be the most disastrous humanitarian catastrophe of its time.

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