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At the outset, let me thank our esteemed professor Mr. R. Jayaraman for such an impressive and well-thought out article on a sensitive issue as terrorism in the modern world. I agree with sir when he says that terrorism is still not rampant worldwide but is isolated to only parts of the world. But, that situation might not hold true for long. Terrorism has always drawn strength from causing damage to life and property, killing millions in its wake and showing no mercy at all. The Islamic State alone has been responsible for billions of deaths in Syria and other parts of the world. With increasing advancement in technology, today, technology is being misused by various terror outfits. Now, a terrorist organization is not limited to only its area of operation but, it is able to reach out to hundreds of naive youngsters via social media and brainwash them into joining the organization. Take the case of IS itself. It has not been hidden that numerous Indians have left the country or tried to, in order to join the IS. Looking closely into the investigation, it has been realized that the IS have made various groups on popular social media platforms like Facebook to influence these young minds. This alone shows how powerful these terror outfits have become in the advent of technology with them having newest technological equipments with which they execute their intricately planned attacks. Now, what we need to do is to be step forward than them so that we are able to stop more loss of lives. I would support Prof. Jayaraman’s view that we need to conquer these terrorists by way of non-violent means. Thinking of the long-term consequences of violence, it would prove fruitful to hold peaceful negotiations with them so that they understand the fact that we mean no harm to them as long as they are ready to give up their violent ministrations. Until then, we have to fight them in every possible way we can.

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