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ISIS and other terrorist organizations are no doubt a threat to our world, however, I believe in our own nation we have a threat from another type of terrorism that is drawing its strength from political bodies. A new form of terrorism is "Bhagwakaran" or Hindu terrorism. We all comment and see on the things what so called terrorist organizations do claim their misdeeds by name of Jihad but we forget the kind of burden these saffron pro organizations are putting on common man of our nation. When a couple is beaten on Valentine's day in a park by a Bajrang dal or Shiv Sena member can we justify it wrong or right as per Hindu culture and accept this assault as a sign of healthy environment. How can we forget when a person from Shivsena slap a woman cop when asked for the license as he was talking on mobile phone and driving his car. Is it not a heinous crime against our Constitution? Can we forgive a Shivsena Minister throwing his slipper on an airline employee because the minister had to travel on economy class despite carrying a business class ticket? Is it that bad to travel with common man that this humiliation of employee can be justified? To what extent can we justify when Durga Vahini start criticizing an actress who thinks different from the society? Is it not a form of Hindu terrorism? Hinduism in itself is a culture of adaptability, compassion and humanity. We need to rethink our social values in terms of these organizations as well. We need to re-engineer their structures as well, because India as a whole is not Hinduism however, Hinduism is a backbone of our nation and few individuals for their own benefit cannot misuse their power to destroy this beautiful garland of people and feelings in our country.

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