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At the onset I would like to thank our distinguished Prof. R. Jayaraman for sharing his thoughts in his blog “Terrorism in the Modern World” , which is very well researched and thoughtfully written. Sir mentions in the blog that it is disheartening to see that hardly any effort is being made to engage with terrorists in non-violent manner. All terrorist , in long run , are amenable to reason and logic. Sir suggests that countries should come together and form groups to contain terrorist. Unfortunately I have a different view on this. May be it is a bit of negative perspective. But I feel the terrorist or extremist or radical ideologies are supported and nurtured by many developed countries to maintain their world supremacy and make other developed or developing countries weak. We saw a developed nation supporting a radical organisation to fight Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the same radical organization hit back at the supportive developed nation so badly the it shook its values to its core making the people of the particular developed nation discriminate any person with a beard , turban , a particular name or colour of skin. Developed countries secretly create and nurture terrorist organisations thinking that they can be used strategically against others. They feel that they can supply arms and do business with them. Many developed countries feel it is easy to deal with or do business with a dictator or a ruler than a democratic country due to which they support and create radical or extremist organisations to benefit them in short run completely ignoring the long run disaster they are creating for the world. I feel the world needs to accept and live with different view points and try to educate children about being able to understand others and be tolerant rather than aggressive or power hungry. A book written by Rajiv Chandrasekaran , “Imperial Life in the Emerald City” gives us a perfect background of how Islamic State was created and how knowingly or unknowingly United States was responsible for it. As long as the developed nations have the strategy of creating and funding extremist organisations to fight each other or to maintain world supremacy I don’t think we as world citizens would be free from the menace of terrorism.

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