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Today most of the countries are victims of terrorism. We are all suffering as we are not following core values. The long-term solution to terrorism is self awareness and seeking purpose of Life. We are all trying to find out the solution outside our country and blaming each others. India is blaming Pakistan and Pakistan blaming India. We don’t carry anything to our next birth except our self awareness, that is spiritual values (SQ), neither we can carry assets like house, car, properties, country, nationality nor our children, parents, wife, relatives and friends. Even we don’t carry our beliefs and faith. If you are born in a Hindu family you will develop beliefs and faith in Hinduism and if you are born in an Islam family or other you will develop beliefs and faith in rites and rituals of that community. There is every possibility that your next birth can be in different community than what you have been born in this life. If you are accumulating wealth for your children and if you have not imparted right values, there is every possibility that your children will use the wealth for wrong deeds. In short we don’t carry anything when we die except our deeds. Countries like USA are talking about peace and trading in arms & ammunition for financial gain. When you are selling arms and ammunition, you are selling violence and one day the same people to whom you are selling ammunition will take the path of violence against you, if anything goes against their own interest. Most prominent terrorist Organizations like ISIS, Al Qaida are examples of this. Terrorism in Indian sub-continent started due to some people who wanted to rule us in the name of religions. India was one big family, but some leaders agreed to divided India; like two brothers were separated from mother India in the name of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (Pakistan). So many innocent lives were lost. They took emotional decision to rule us and today all of us are paying the price, The separation plan was done by British to reduce our strength and some political leaders supported that to gain power and Ministership. British always followed divide and rule policy; in vengeance they left India after partitioning it between the Muslims and Hindu. Today also most of our politicians are following the same formula. They are dividing us in the name of religion, caste, creed, community, language and regions. Most of the people who are involved in terrorist activities are misguided youths. They are selling their life for small amount of money due to poverty. Most of us are in reactive mode. Most of us are taking an emotional decision. Emotional decision can never give a long term solution; in emotional decision you try to support someone whom you are emotionally attached and deprive the other. If you want to take a better decision, you must be observant than reactive. Everyone is right according his/her perception. You do whatever you feel right according to your awareness. Fighting is not the solution and fighting can never be the long-term solution to terrorism. The long-term solution is to have awareness and create awareness in every individual to achieve the long-term solution. Let’s know the root cause and let’s root-out terrorism from the root's level. Otherwise if we will prune branches, the terrorism tree will grow with different branches.

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