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The recent terror attack on British Parliament has brought to fore what is modern terrorism. Is it use of communication lines to direct the operation or use sophisticated weapons to cause mass damage? It seems that after, security forces world over, has tighten their grip on internet, communication line, weapon procurement, terrorist organization has taken a step back and has gone back to its old methodology. Recent attacks in Berlin, Fien and London were carried by individuals who have converted day to day uses items into potential weapon. London and Berlin attackers have turned vehicle into killing tool while Fien attacker used kitchen knife. These individuals have no connection with any parent organization, they were not guided on real-time about their operation. They were just negatively motivated men who have been mind washed by several radicalization videos released by terrorist organization. These so called “lone wolves” has posed new kind of challenged to security forces world over. It is difficult to trace them as they don’t communicate and remains as sleeping cell which can be activated when the time requires. The only sustainable way out is to integrate the Muslim community as much as possible. Cornering them or discriminating against innocent ones will create a blow back in long term. This will provide a conducive environment in which they would be easy prey for terrorist organization. Educated and far sighted Muslims also need to play a critical role in this. It is their responsibility to educate, give wider horizons and provide right perspective to fellow members of their community. “Not on the name of Islam” movement after the Paris attack is a good example, which provides a alternate platform to fellow members who feel the other way.

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