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The blog posted by our distinguished professor R. Jayaraman and the stand that he has taken while dealing with the sensitive topic of Terrorism in the Modern World needs to be appreciated and lauded. At the outset, I would like to say that it is not an easy topic to garner even a few lines about leave aside explaining the intricacies so beautifully and conveying the message yet so powerfully. I agree with professor Jayaraman wherein he says that Terrorism is still isolated only to a few parts of the world but is alarmingly spreading its wings with the advent of social media and all it takes is the internet to radicalize anyone even in the remotest part of the world, case in point: what the IS have been doing. Yes, it is not fair to label a particular community/country for the misdeeds of a select few but I do strongly agree that it is the prerogative of the home country to reign in these terror groups. For instance, the Punjab insurgency of the late 1970s had to be contained by the Indian forces and had that not happened at the right time we never know it might just have spread to the neighboring parts of India disturbing the peace of the region. Nations like the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia for that matter need to stop politicizing the atmosphere any further and act like responsible parties to help bring an end to this carnage. There is absolutely nothing that can’t be solved by way of a dialogue, it’s just that the protagonists sitting across a table need to have the will to do so and understand what it is that the other party seeks with an open mind and work towards a resolution for the same. However, I would like to add that the UN in particular has been an absolute disappointment and an utter failure when it comes to dealing with the subject of Terrorism and probably a body should be formed that has more teeth, courage and can take decisions for the betterment of the society and our collective future.

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