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I totally agree that the reality shows are managed. These are scripted to such an extent that they feel real. The producers of such shows play with the emotions of the all home makers , elderly people and for that matter all sensitive people. We have plethora of reality shows today like dance shows , singing shows , skit acts , short drama shows, One minute shows and talent shows on television for years. Every year they will come up with one after the other on various channels. Sometimes there are multiple shows across channels. I feel its sheer wastage of time of all. People keep glued to the television with various emotions on their faces. Sometimes based on the episode results or votes the participants get, people at home start arguments within themselves. After some episodes of these shows they start feeling that everything is real. As per my opinion ,these shows are completely driven by TRP. The participants are given marks based on the TRP of the show and the money the sponsors are getting from the viewers. If telephone companies are sponsors, they get good income from Calls and SMSs. Similarly if the so called reality show offers play-along option then internet service providers do earn huge money. Coming to KBC, it is also like one of those reality shows. People might have different opinions about it. I have been following KBC for almost a decade. Initial couple of years ,it seemed like a competition. All India used to watch it like Ramayana and Mahabharata. By the way, we should not forget that this program has given the lost status to Indian Film industry's Mahanayak. Now you must be wondering why am I having such opinion about this reality show. Yes, I am calling this also as reality show and not a competition. For last some years, it is observed that the viewers are not sure how the participants are selected. Normally they are from the weaker section of India or the needy people are chosen by a mysterious selection process. It looks like that all the questions are planned, answers are known to the participants. Sometimes even Mr B. hints out to the answers so that the participant is helped to "Lock" the answer. Isn't it surprising that the so called "Experts" ( mostly they are journalists) who's expert opinion is used as a lifeline, knows answer of each and every question. Has any one saw any expert saying "I don't know the answer! " . Right from 100 Rs question to 1 Cr question this guy has all the answers. What I feel is, tactically the participant ( before the shooting) are questioned to know his/her economic background . How much money they would need so as to get a good support from this show. The questions are planned from his/her educational background and are asked accordingly. The person is told when he should ask for lifeline. That's real part of game. Then the show is recorded and aired accordingly. The videos of their background are shown as soon as they are selected and are seated on "Hot seat". These videos normally makes you emotionally connected with the participant. There is no doubt in anyone's mind about the special shows with celebrity on Fridays. They are a definite planned game to donate the charity for a noble cause. This money must be offered by the producers of the new movies and KBC platform is used for promotion. We watch this KBC reality show thinking it as real which in fact is a complete planned game playing with emotions of crores of Indians.

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