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Hello sir, When I was reading your blog many rays of thought were creeping in my mind. Dance reality shows which have become a reality today are really real? If not, then why every other person, an audience or a participant following them so madly? According to me the answer lies in different perspectives. Nowadays audience relate themselves so much to these reality shows that they choose them as their favorite pass time because as before social circles are decreasing and there place have been acquired by T.V shows, Internet, What’s app etc. With so much of T.V channels and so much of shows people have been given a wide choice to choose a show and give there worthy time watching that particular show. If we talk about participant’s people from not only India but all over the world prefer to participate in these shows. One reason behind this is that they provide them a platform to showcase their talent and if they win the show instant money and fame. Not only grownups but small kids are becoming a part of these shows in large number. But the other side is not so colorful. The reality is not so real. Everything which is being showcased is most of the time scripted. The participants are sometimes asked for money if they want to win the show. Participants are kept in unhygienic conditions for many months’ .Their emotions are being showcased to raise the TRP’s. In case of kid’s situation is worse. Kids are being separated from their parents for a long time , causing a lot of harm to their studies and childhood .The judges of these reality shows who are there to judge the performance of participants are sometimes those people from entertainment industry who have themselves came on screen just for one or two shows or films. Judges sometimes comment so harshly on performance that the participant starts crying and feels insulted and helpless. The shows like Big Boss and Maa exchange are really a big question mark on the entertainment which is being served to us. I think we as an audience should not accept whatever is being served .If we have the right to boycott Chinese goods we have the same right to boycott such a show which is against our values and cultures. Participants and their parents should also understand to be part of such shows which are genuine and not which provide them a cheap popularity. In the end a legal check is also required to stop such a mental torture to audience and to participants.

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