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These days the most happening shows on television are Reality shows. To get the attention from the audience every channel has at least one reality dance show. These reality shows are hosted/Judged by the famous cinema personalities. The famous quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by Amitabh Bacchan, Bigboss (Tamil) hosted by Kamalhassan , the dance talent program like Dance India dance, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and Nach baliye judged by many famous dancers and choreographers in India. All reality dance shows gives the superior attention to the rear stage action and drama which happens in the lives of the participants. At the end of the shows foremost to one or more winners awarded with the prizes. These reality dance shows are sometimes booming the lives of the winners. There have been numerous examples to evidence this claim. The famous Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan got his ticket into kollywood through the reality dance show. Many contestants from the famous dance show Dance India Dance got their opportunity to act in Bollywood movie Any Body Can Dance (ABCD). Based on the above real examples proves that the Reality Dance shows are boon to some of the contestants.Even though these dance shows have many advantages but also have been another discussion about how these shows could be harmful. All Reality dance shows are targeting their channels TRP ratings. In order to increase the TRP ratings, channels played with the contestants emotions this leads to grab a viewer’s attentions. There have been some reports shows that the contestants had a collapse because of the intense pressure to keep up with the challenges. Several contestants have also been wounded during performances. Many contestants have also stated that they were mentally harassed by Judges and their fellow contenders. Young children should be kept away from these reality dance shows. Even though many children get a great exposure through these program but there are high probabilities of missing out on school and they cannot handle the emotional dramas at this age. There is no doubt all Reality dance shows are income motive but it gives good opportunity to many talented people. But all TV channels should keep up boundary and standard. The greater responsibility of media is to bringing out the inborn talents of people in a good way.

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