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Dance Reality Shows – People either love them or hate them; there’s no middle ground. As the “reality” term suggests realness, there is not much reality of live performance and broadcasting in these shows. The pre-recorded performance with the number of retakes along with addition of forced arguments and written script really diminishes the meaning of the term reality in TV shows. It is more of a recorded and edited live performance with the objective of increasing its TRP with the end result being earning revenue. As far as the content is concerned, I believe that these dance shows actually gives a platform for the people and especially kids to showcase their talents which would have been either subdued or died down with the pressure of academics. I am always up for the children dance shows where parents try to encourage their children to gain confidence, spirit and exposure; obviously not at the expense of their studies. But I am against those parents who try to use their children as a source of gaining fame and super-stardom. Some parents deliberately try to make their children learn this art form and then put them up in front of the whole world to perform. Such acts not only take away their children’s freedom to choose but also destroys their childhood and confidence level. Dance reality shows not only promotes the talent of participants but also encourages the viewers to act upon their skill and enhance it. Looking back at my personal experience, I have learned a few dance moves from watching these dance shows thinking that if such little ones can do it, then why cannot I? Nowadays, there are various type of dance forms but seeing it from a layman’s perspective, it’s more of a gymnastics dance with jumping, flying and rolling moves. Gone are the days of simpler dance moves of Govinda’s (Bollywood Actor) era, where the simplicity of learning dance steps was embedded in our day-to-day movements. To sum up, Reality shows are mindless superficial entertainment. The viewers and critics need not invest much of their time in thinking and deciding about the nature and fate of these dance shows. Dance reality shows have changed the destinies of many ordinary people who are now choreographing Bollywood films, anchoring shows and even acting as a judge in other dance shows. Therefore, no matter how many questions you pose against these reality shows, people will keep participating in these dance shows to showcase their talents and audience will keep watching them since these shows cater to some family bonding time where members of all age groups sits and watch this show together unlike the daily soap operas!!

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