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throw some light on how these reality shows are affecting the children who participate in these shows. The employment of child actors was always common in television programs, but the numbers has significantly increased in the last 2 decades owing to exponential increase in number of channels. But the issue with children working in television industry is tricky as they are not considered as child labour. This is due to artist status given to these children. But these children are made to practice long hours. They are expected to shoot as per the schedule and they do even if they are not feeling that well. Little girls showing their dance moves to racy item numbers in dresses which does not suit their age or little boys being asked what they would do if they go out on a date is different level altogether. No channel or program is focussing on the affect such things will have on these children. On the other hand, there are parents who are putting additional pressure on their children to participate in such programs, to be in the limelight. These children are compromising on their education to participate in such reality shows. They undergo lot of stress during the production. The harsh words from the judges is also a cause of distress for these young participants who don’t have the maturity to take such judgements. The fear of rejection is another element which adversely affect these children. These children are experience fame at such early ages which may or may not last long. For such children, it’s very difficult to cope up with the situation and they end up experiencing frustrations. The reality shows are here to stay and we as an audience will continue to watch these shows. But the question remains – is it a form of child labour?

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