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Agree that the term ‘reality’ doesn’t suit reality shows. The format itself is now jaded and the novelty of such shows is completely lost. However, there are multiple stakeholders with vested interests here because of whom such shows are still running successfully. General entertainment TV channels pull these formats along be it dancing, singing and other such contests as it still delivers the ratings and brings in the revenues. A prime time slot on weekends surely works. The target audience’s appointment viewing corroborates with that of the TV channels who are able to gauge the audience pulse and deliver them to the advertisers. The above is the classical media model with predictable business interests for the media channel and the advertisers. The other stakeholders are in it for personal reasons, and a glance at them might be intriguing and interesting: - The participants. What is in it for them really, apart from the 15 minutes or 15 episodes (depending on how far they go on the show) of fame? Such shows do not guarantee any future in their field of performing arts. In fact, the calibre of performance is in no way a measure of success or a career opportunity. There are way too many talented people and to look at these shows as a stepping stone to a bright future as an actor, dancer or playback singer would be foolish. Still, ‘what if I am that one in a million who will make it’, is what drives these starry eyed talents to participate. - The judges. Great exposure on screen as most of them have been there done that, revelling in past or little glory or have always been behind the scenes. Whatever the reason for them being chosen as judges apart from their skill, this is a brilliant way for them to be in the forefront, be recognised and remain relevant. This can give them the lead of other judging or performing events and promotions. - The celebrity guests. Purely come for promoting their movie release; it serves the purpose as part of their marketing promo plan. - The parents of the kids who participate in kids’ reality shows. Pushing and imposing their desires, their unfulfilled dreams through their children. Not all but most of the parents do, and if they do, its desperation and robbing kids of what they really want to do. - The manufactured crowd sitting in the studio as ‘live’ audience. They sit for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch and are there either because they are related to the participants or are purely fascinated by the stars and judges, wanting their faces to appear on the screen. Reality shows are not going anywhere for now (how you want to interpret this last line is up to you ).

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