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The article brought to debate is indeed need of the hour. Each & every channel brings the reality show in one or another form. These Shows are kind of television shows or programs which in real life or scripted form feature common people as well as celebrities Situations/environment or a mix of both real and scripted incidents. Till 1940’s reality shows authentic. This was because it was a new concept and as such manipulation was limited for creation of unusual situations for ordinary citizens. However, the reality shows of today have distorted the reality. The mockery of ‘Reality Shows’ is that even though they are known as ‘Reality Based Shows’; most of them are ‘Unreal’. There are always two sides of coin. While one side tells positive story in terms of bringing out talent (Unlocking the human potential). Even the participants are coming from small towns, which normally do not get chance to perform & dies at local level, these shows gives opportunity to such talent at young age. Many stories of successful celebrities ( singers , comedians, dancers etc.) in today’s era confirms this fact that such shows has changed their life by giving them opportunity to perform in reality shows. While other side tells different story of Pre-fixed shows, having commercial motive of improving TRP , Creates sentimental / emotional pressure on participants. I feel following The effects of reality shows are multi-pronged, far reaching and unpredictable. Though not all reality shows are same but the ones which indulge in creating fake realities are the ones to blame the most. These are the shows which create influencing negativity in the society. Most of the reality shows are created purely for profit without realizing the future consequences on the mind-sets of the people at large, especially the young genre. Even the so , called ‘Game Shows’ are nothing but promoters of greed, where the participants are playing to the tunes of how much they have won, even if it means embarrassment., however the ones without any drama and other negative emotions, do have the benefits as listed below. • Exposure to hidden talent • Award & prizes • Experience • Achievement & recognition • Celebdom to Unknown Celebrities • Opportunity for livelihood • Revenue generation • Better understanding of the world Some of the disadvantages listed below raise need for concern. • Exploitation • Deviate youth mentality • False image of life • Erosion of ethical & moral values • Psychological disorders • Wastage of time & energy It is very much evident from the above mentioned pros and cons of reality shows, that the demerits of reality shows shadows the merits. However, if not eradicated there are certain measures which can be taken to limit and prevent the malice which these shows encourage to a certain extent. Effects of reality shows can be curbed through positive role of media, strict laws, heavy penalties on offenders, censoring or banning etc.

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