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In the late 19th Century in South Africa, there was an Indian Lawyer. As if he was a coloured person, like any other coloured person at that time he had to face racial discrimination. But he wanted to do something about it. During the 21 years that he had spent in South Africa he developed his philosophy of non-violent resistance which he used to inspire thousands of Indians living in South Africa to peacefully resist against the brutality of the government. He’s name was Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was an average lawyer, coming from an Average background with no discernible trade of a leader yet while we think about one of the great leaders of the 20th century, Mahatma Gandhi is one of them. So, to summarise Gandhi was not born as a leader he became one. History has numerous instances of such made leaders. What makes a true leader? As we all know, the job of a leader is to get things done by leading others to success. Also it is equally important to develop leadership styles that suits the situation you are into, depending on the needs of the team or the team member. Great leaders choose their style based on the situation and the goal. Transformational leadership is one of the many kinds of leadership styles. Taking about what makes a great leader in the Business Context, the most important quality is teachability – a true leader always believes that there is a lot of things still to learn, because they understand that the word is evolving and changing. For adapting to adapt to the changes are need to be teachable. The next important quality of a leader is to be decisive – he must be able to make decisions. A leader must be able to make quick decision. There a saying that a leader need not always worry about making the right decision, they have to make the decision and ensure that the decision is made right. Last but not the least a leader one has to be very adaptable. To adapt to the fast changing word, it is not ease for a leader to plan for all the contingencies and exigencies and he has to be adaptable.

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