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Support your team….Patiently. Comment: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”-John C. Maxwell. Sir, Thank you very much for sharing valuable thoughts about leadership with historical & 21st century examples. It is really great combination of leadership act by highly influential leaders. I do agree about WhatsApp comment which you made. The App has been used almost by everybody now a days and mostly used to “Forward” the messages which you feel important to read or have fun after you read it. Mythological characters like Lord Krishna & Lord Rama were excellent leaders from their childhood & it has proved through their life journey. Lord Rama led the team of monkeys from front to win all the battles which he fought, whereas Lord Krishna did this through strategic route to win the battles along with Pandava’s. In leadership, basically what climate you create for your team to work for, is more important than any other aspect. Every leader is having different styles and those styles have direct impact on the work climate which leadership styles create & subsequently climate has direct impact on performance of team. I believe Lord Krishna & Lord Rama has created an outstanding climate for their respective teams to win the battle so they won. They both have motivated & aligned their respective teams to their thoughts. I agree with the author that there is not one style of leadership, it is always depend upon various criteria. The leadership traits should be used through combination of style, intelligence, situations & attitude. I believe nobody is born leader, leadership excel through hard work, dedication & passion. Author has given excellent example of our “Rashtrapita” Mr Mahatma Gandhi. How he became a leader for India to give independence to whole country from “British raj” through enormous hard work, passion & dedication. He did not led from front but with his talent, attitude, aptitude & circumstances waiting for him, he made the mighty British bow before him. In 21st century, I believe helping people deal with emotions is a key leadership skill, especially in times of crisis. Your tone may effectively quell negative emotions or promote beneficial emotions, and improve camaraderie, trust & team performance. I have experienced that, how you support your people can make a real difference. It has been proved that caring delivered in an indirect, implicit manner tends to have a greater positive impact than support delivered in a direct, explicit manner. Leaders should make a habit of giving thanks & appreciation to become a successful leader. I worked with Honeywell and I understood most important thing about leadership what Mr Dave Cote (CEO-Honeywell) used to make during his annual visit to India is “Employees are my assets”. The kind of importance you are giving to your team and appreciation is really make a difference in performance of team. The kind of flexibility, responsibility, standards, rewards, clarity, commitment you are giving through the climate which you create by your leadership styles makes a huge difference in performance of team and making you a great leader. In conclusion, leadership has many dimensions like it is not restricted to age, area, by birth or family history. It is totally depend upon the circumstances & your choice. Lord Rama & Krishna were having great family history but Narendra Modi & Mahatma Gandhi were not having family history then also through their choice and circumstances make them great leaders. Best example we can consider of outstanding leader in today’s world is Late Mr Steve Jobs. He was very poor but throughout his life, he was known as being one of the most influential and innovative leaders of his time. Now a days really WhatsApp makes the difference of information sharing

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