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And so we remember leaders like Lord Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Indira Gandhi and many more. Thank you for all your thoughts on Leadership, which I would like to extend by adding a few more inputs. As someone has mentioned in one of the blog above, 'All are Leaders' and I do believe in this statement. Only difference between a Leader and a great Leader is that they inspire people. Inspiring is thinking and motivation is action. Leaders can only inspire, however action i.e motivation or igniting spark within has to be done by the individuals. The most powerful motivation comes from within our belief system. The same is true for the other leaders as well. If I take the example of Mahatma Gandhi, his motivation was to see India free from British as well as to make the country Prosperous. He inspired people to fight for freedom by Ahimsa which was one of its kind battle in the world. Here I take this opportunity to present a quote of Shiv Khera - "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently." Similar is true with Nelson Mandela. Great Leaders have internal motivation which is inner gratification, not for success or winning, but for fulfilment that comes from having done something. It is a feeling of accomplishment, rather than just achieving a goal. There are many good qualities of Great Leaders, few of which I like the most are "Begin with End in Mind", "Patience and Perseverance", "Role model", etc. Let's understand these qualities. Begin with End in Mind - Mahatma Gandhi after coming back to India had bigger dreams to see India Free through Ahimsa. This was the ultimate purpose/ vision he had and to achieve this, there were many steps/ actions to be followed in the journey to free India like the Dandi March, Non cooperation movement, Quit India Movement, Swadeshi movement and many more. Martin Luther King also had similar approach where he had a dream for America. The second is Patience and Perseverance - Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela demonstrated a lot of Patience during their struggle to achieve their goals. Both passed a significant time in Jail, at the same time they kept on pursuing the dream which they saw for their nation. "Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and a rational outlook, which eventually leads to success" - Brain Adams. The last one to discuss here is Role Model behaviour of Great Leaders. These leaders Walk the Talk by there Actions, which inspire followers. It is well said "Actions are more powerful than words", Great Leaders practice this attitude. To this my cessation is- Great Leaders can be created by nurturing Leadership qualities right from young age. In this, parents can play a bigger role to create Leaders for future.

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