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Leaders can either be born or created, these are the most popular schools of thought when it comes to the genesis of leaders in our society. According to great man and trait theories, leaders are born. In fact for a majority of our history we have believed the sons of great leaders will be great leaders themselves. The fundamental flaw in this thinking is that we know that all humans are born equal. If one is the believe the second though they cannot possible believe the first. Hence we can dismiss this myth that great leaders are born. Now the second theory states that great leaders are created. Behavioural theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation. This is a popular belief in the current corporate environment where leadership training workshops are more popular than ever. But still we have so many people who are leading companies but would never really be called true leaders.  While the basics of leadership can be taught in class, quite a lot of it cannot and is displayed through one’s actions. In offices we often confuse leadership with the ability to manage, and while management has rules to it, leadership is a lot more nuanced and does not have rules which can easily be learnt. Now here we are with both theories showing holes in them, so where does this lead us in our search for the answer to the genesis of leaders. I believe leadership is a choice one has to make. It is about tapping into the resources that we all have within us and combining it with learnings from the environment around. If a person is willing to stand up and take ownership at a time when it counts they are a leader. If they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good they are a leader. But if they let the fear of leading override their willingness to take on the responsibilities then they will be a follower. Hence I do not believe leadership is something that chooses us but it is something we choose to do. If we take the examples stated in the blog; Rama and Krishna chose their actions based on the situation around them and this ability to adapt and help is the mark of a good leader. Rama had an army which needed to be led from the front and that is what he did. Krishna on the other hand found himself in a place where everyone could fight but very few were strategizing and hence he decided to use those skills. Both these people made choices based on the situation they were in to help the maximum number of people they can. By doing so they became leaders, Rama could have strategized and Krishna could have fought the war too, they both were capable of it, but they did what would help the team in the best way possible. This ability to make choices for the greater good is what separates leaders from everyone else.

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