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A true leader can be identified in any crowd. It is just the matter of opportune time when you recognize him. Every leader has a different leadership styles, some lead from the front and by example and some lead by wisdom. The latter is a strategist who knows how to make a situation where people will follow him to succeed and former is a fighter. Leadership is not easy, it is opinionating for people to follow. It involves huge stakes, credibility and responsibility to lead people. Rightly put by the author, Lord Rama and Krishna were true leaders in their own ways. Lord Rama had to stand and deliver whereas Lord Krishna had to sit and strategize. Both have their own qualities but the motive of both were the same, achieving the goal in a timeframe which was victory over evil. Leaders are born and can be made too, they can be trained however l differ from a leader who is forced into. According to me Mahatma Gandhi was not a leader he was a messenger of people of India. A true leader gives strength, courage and wisdom by leading from the front not just telling them to wait for the time to happen. As the word leadership starts with lead, it becomes imperative for a leader to take lead from others. As leaders are recognized from far the true leaders in our freedom struggle were likes of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandreshekhar Azad, Subhash Chander Bose and Sardar Vallabhai Patel with whom management can relate today. Everybody had a different style however assertiveness was the key. If we have to comment on leader of today I sincerely will give example of Mahendra Singh Dhoni who changed the meaning of leadership in the world of Sports. The style of leadership is a true sense of defining a case study. Like a soldier he carved his way to leadership and then calmly took lead and kept on delivering. He not only led but in the process, he raised the bar to share his wisdom and style with his team members. When he realized it is time for him to go he passed on his legacy to Virat Kohli which was the right decision to take Indian cricket to next level. He passed the baton to him, from an assertive leader to aggressive leadership. When it is required the most.

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