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I believe everyone is a leader but only few become great leaders. What makes only few of them great leaders? When we look back we might have experienced great leadership qualities displayed by ordinary people at different instances at the same time few people might have displayed these qualities every time and everywhere. Second kind of people are those who inspire us by their actions. When we think of such people few names which make the list are Subhash Chandra Bose, Vallabhai Patel, Indira Gandhi, mahatma Gandhi and many more. Each of one them lead with excellence, they did everything right and made many people realize their potential. During the freedom struggle, many of these leaders inspired many people to renounce and fight for country’s independence. They had a sense of purpose and pursued them with vigor always pushing the contours into unknown. Subhash Chandra bose lead an armed struggle against British, Gandhi followed an ahimsa or non-violence, vallabhai patel used a mix of force and negotiations. Each of them had the courage to push the boundaries and go into uncharted areas consciously. On occasions they also learnt from their actions and corrected the way forward. All of them lead with modesty all the while thinking about the bigger sense of purpose of making country independent. These leaders didn’t thrust themselves upon others but their small actions at various stages of life have influenced their rise and acceptance among-st the masses The traits displayed by these great leaders have remained same only the context has changed. All these traits are taught to us or experienced by us but only if we can nurture them, then everyone one of us can become a great leader. Everyday each one of us daily spend our time performing different chores of life as an employee, Son, Father, Husband, Friend, customer etc. All these instances are opportunities to nurture these great qualities and become a better person which automatically enables us to become a good leader to emulate.

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