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WhatsApp messages have been a source of inspiration for plethora of blogs on the internet. Taking a leaf from one of the forwarded WhatsApp messages the author has put forth a brilliant explanation on the types of Leadership. What is more interesting is the choice of characters by the author for comparing and explaining the leadership traits. Mythological characters – Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were perceived to be the leaders right from their birth. They were born into royal families and expected to lead the kingdom and rightfully so, given their inherent leadership capabilities. Lord Rama led the team of monkeys to success from the front, whereas Lord Krishna chose to be the strategist and mastermind behind Pandava’s victory. Availability of skilled and competent resources, time for planning and execution, and the circumstances would have made each of them select their way of leading the teams. I agree with the author that there is not one style of leadership, it always depends on various criteria. The leadership traits in a person may not always be innate, it can be acquired through permutation and combination of talent, willingness and variety of circumstances. Take the case of leaders around us who were common people at one point, they were not born with silver spoon. Be it Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Abdul Kalam and the likes, they are all self-made. They emerged to be successful leaders through the test of time. They definitely had that quality in them, through which they could establish connection with people; they had a belief and they worked hard towards it; they had the right attitude, which was loved by their followers. No opposition could ever stand against a personality with such characteristics. This proves, we need not be of a certain type to be a leader. Anybody with the right mix of attitude and belief can unleash leadership skills at any point of their lives and be an inspiration to the world.

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